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Event Day Files

Judging Schedule & Running-order

The Trial Secretary will upload the Judging Schedule, Running-order, and daily results, etc. for each day’s upcoming event as they become available. These files are shared via Box, a file sharing website.

For PC, explore below the embedded folders & files. Click/tap to open an event folder to see what files are available. Click/tap on each individual file to preview the document.

When viewing each document you can download and save as a separate file by using the White Download button in the upper right hand corner, or when viewing a folder with files listed, use the Blue Download button to download all the files (or folders) in view to save as a zip file. Other ways to download: mouse hover and highlight a listed file (or folder) and right click to download, or click on the [···] "More Options" to the right. (remember folder=>zip file)

You can view documents below, but to print a hard copy, you have to download and open the file(s) with an appropriate app that can print PDF files, for example a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat or most browsers.

For a direct link to folders & files on the Box's website.
(For mobile devices: iPhones, iPads etc. use the direct link provided above.)
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• The "Sign up" button is to create your own Box account, and not required, or intended to be used from this website.
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• At the conclusion of each event and the Event Results have been posted here, the event folder will be discarded shortly thereafter.