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Agility Trial Entry Information

All payment and entry forms† must be received by the closing date/time to be considered valid.

AKC Agility Entry Form

Download the specific Premium (includes an AKC entry form) for the trial date and club shown on the Event Calendar you want to enter. Per dog, complete all necessary information on the form by hand or use the fillable PDF form below to type.

This fillable AKC Entry Form (PDF) is available for you to download and save to your computer.

Be sure to enter the Club Name and Dates of the trial at the top of the form. Check the premium for each trial to see which classes and days are offered. Check the boxes for the classes (run course), jump height & levels that you want to enter, determine the fees for how many days (each day has a first class run fee) plus any additional classes selected and then sign it.

Fee Example: You enter Master Standard and Master JWW for all three days (events). The cost is $22 + $16 = $38 PER DAY (EVENT). Total amount to write your check out for all classes encompassing all events is $114 ($38 + $38 + $38).

To sign your typed entry forms you can:

1. Print and sign (scan if emailing) or
Use Adobe Acrobat to sign. (Adobe Sign a PDF instructions)

After the required information has been entered and signed, attach it in an email (or print/mail USPS) to the Trial Secretary.

Your entry is not complete until payment AND signed entry form is received† and these must be received by the closing date/time, but DO NOT send entry form, nor fees until Opening date.

If you are emailing the forms, please put the trial name in the subject line. Example: HDOC entry.

Note: This is not an "online" entry system; the Trial Secretary performs the entry into the AKC data base for you when both your forms and payment have been received, regardless of your chosen method to send.

JCA Worker Volunteer

If you want to volunteer, use the form included in the Premium document or this fillable JCA Volunteer Form (PDF). Just download and save, fill in your information then email or mail to Trial Secretary. (If applicable, included with your AKC entry form) Thanks to everyone who volunteers to help at agility trials.

PayPal Payment

The PayPal payment is a very basic transaction. This payment process does not build an entry form for you. You will still need to complete an AKC entry form, sign and send to the Trial Secretary.†

"Add to Cart" Fees are PER DOG, per day

Be sure to enter the information on the PayPal "Add to Cart", so the Trial Secretary will know what trial you are paying an entry fee for. When entering more than one day or dog remember that "Add to Cart" Fees are only PER DOG, per day. If you want, you can add multiple one dog/day to your PayPal shopping cart via "Add to Cart", before checkout. You can also remove items and re-enter to make a change before checkout. Please look at this PayPal Cart Example & Information.

PayPal Fee Example: You enter Master Standard and Master JWW for all three days (events). The total amount for all classes encompassing all days (events) is $114 ($38 + $38 + $38) plus 6%. You would enter three line items into your cart for each day at $40.28 ($38 plus 6%) for a total of $120.84 ($114 plus 6%) in your PayPal cart.

The 6% service fee added on to the premium when paying by PayPal is nonrefundable.

After your original entry fee payment (mailed check or PayPal), you decide you want to add a class or more for the same dog on the same day, use the PayPal Add(+) extra class(es) at the bottom of the page. Be sure this is done by the closing date and send an email to the Trial Secretary with what you want to update. (For up to a six class total maximum per dog per day)

RV Overnight Parking at Freedom Park
for the trials held in Camarillo.

RVs can park overnight in a designated section of Freedom Park; no hookups, $30 per night fee. Overnight parking pass is required by the park and you must call Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District at:

805-482-1996, ext 101

to make your reservations and pay the park directly. The recreation office is closed on weekends.

If you are only staying Saturday / Sunday, you will need to make arrangements for Jump City staff to pick up the paid for overnight passes on Friday as long as they have been ordered & paid for by Thursday before the trial. You must email the Trial Secretary for the arrangement to be made.