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Dedicated to keeping the sport fast and fun for competitors and recreational students alike, Jump City Agility is a training center devoted to the sport of dog agility. Jump City offers group and private classes to dogs and handlers at every level, frequent workshops on various agility-related topics, and seminars presented by some of the nation's top trainers.

Going Forward with Agility Events
during these Challenging Times

There has been a lot of on-line discussion lately about how we should go about getting back to trialing. While restrictions on stores opening and people going back to work are starting to be relaxed, I think restrictions on public gatherings will be a lot slower to be relaxed, so we don't even know yet when we will be able to hold trials. But while we're waiting for that to happen, I think it's a good idea to start thinking about how we can do this safely and how best to protect our exhibitors, judges and workers. AKC has now sent out their "Suggested Best Practices for the Well-Being of Dog Sport Participants" that I'm sharing with you here. I had already thought of most of their suggestions like masks, gloves and hand sanitizer, but I also like their suggestion that handlers be allowed to take their leashes with them in the ring (in a pocket or around the waist), thereby eliminating the need for a leash runner to touch leashes.

While many of you are eager to get back to trialing, there are also many of you who are planning to wait until next year or whenever you feel it will be safe to go out in public. I will appreciate your comments and suggestions about all of this and what will make you feel comfortable enough to enter a trial. I really miss our agility family and friends and look forward to playing with all of you again soon.

In the meantime, please stay smart, stay safe, stay healthy and we'll all live to run agility again.

Cara Callaway


The above mentioned Suggested Best Practices document can be obtained on the AKC COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates web page: Suggested Best Practices

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