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Dedicated to keeping the sport fast and fun for competitors and recreational students alike, Jump City Agility is a training center devoted to the sport of dog agility. Jump City offers group and private classes to dogs and handlers at every level, frequent workshops on various agility-related topics, and seminars presented by some of the nation's top trainers.

AKC Class Changes Effective January 1, 2020

Please download and CAREFULLY READ the details: LINK

*** Entering a Mixture of Regular and Preferred Classes Within the Same Trial Weekend ***
*** Multiple Jump Heights Within the Same Trial Day ***

Effective January 1, 2020, exhibitors may enter a mixture of both Regular and Preferred classes on the same trial day and/or during a trial weekend. Any mixture of Regular and Preferred classes is allowed.
Additionally, within the same Regular or Preferred classes, a dog may now be entered in multiple jump heights within the same trial day. For example, the same dog may now be entered in 20-inch Master STD/JWW while also entered in 24C-inch Premier STD/JWW on the same trial day.
A separate entry form must be submitted when the same dog is being entered in a mixture of Regular and Preferred and/or different jump heights within the same trial weekend thereby clearly indicating which class(es) and/or jump heights belong together for each trial day of the weekend.

*** Entering For Exhibition Only (FEO) ***
As of January 1, 2020, For Exhibition Only may be offered at the option of the host club. Jump City Agility clubs WILL be offering FEO.
• FEO is only allowed in the Time 2 Beat and FAST classes.
• Dogs may be entered in any jump height for FEO runs.
• Dogs may be entered in any level of FAST (Novice, Open, Excellent, Master).
Please download the link above for full details.

*** Fix and Go On (FNG) ***
As of January 1, 2020, Fix and Go On will be offered on a one-year pilot basis in order to give AKC time to evaluate its impact. FNG allows exhibitors to immediately reattempt an obstacle at any time while on course when the dog’s performance of an obstacle is not to their expectation. This allows the dog to successfully complete the obstacle then finish the course or leave the ring on a positive note. Using FNG will result in a non-qualifying score. Fix and Go On is not pre-entered; rather, it occurs during the course of the run.

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