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Agility Trial Online Payment Page

Download the AKC Entry Form, fill it out, save it to your computer and then attach it in an email to Trial Secretary.

Or, if you have a scanner, scan your filled in entry form and attach it in an email to the Trial Secretary

If you want to volunteer, download the JCA Volunteer Form form and mail or email to the Trial Secretary with your entry form.

Note - The PayPal payment is a very basic transaction. Just pick the number of classes each day and add to shopping cart. The processing fee is built in. This payment process does not build an entry form for you. You will still need to create an entry form and send it to the Trial Secretary. All payment and entry forms must be received by the closing date/time.

Entry Form AKC fillable entry form with 24C jump height

FIRST: Download the entry form & fill in all necessary information. Be sure to put the Club Name and Dates of the trial at the top. Check the boxes for the classes, jump height & levels that you want to enter. Check the premium for each trial to see which classes and days are offered. Save the entry form on your computer. Attach in an email & send to to the Trial Secretary. Please put the trial name in the subject line. Example HDOC entry

NEXT:: Use the drop down menus to choose classes for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Click on the Add to Cart button and complete the payment through PayPal. Be sure to add the club & your dog's call name so I know what trial you are entering. Your entry is not complete until payment AND entry form is received and these must be received by the closing date/time. DO NOT send entry form nor fees until Opening date. Payment must be received by the closing date & time.

WORKER VOLUNTEER FORM:: If you want to volunteer, just fill out the Volunteer form & email to Trial Secretary. Thanks to everyone who volunteers to help at agility trials.

RV Overnight Parking at Freedom Park for the trials held in Camarillo.

RVs can park overnight in a designated section of Freedom Park; no hookups, $30 per night fee. Fees must be paid by the week before the trial as we need to get parking permits from the Park before the trial. Processing fee is 6% and it is added in the following drop down list.

You must also contact Cara Callaway, fun4dogs@aol.com, to make a reservation once you have paid.

Number of Nights

You can use PayPal when the trial dropdown is available

Pay through PayPal by using the drop down menus below for entries in the following clubs' agility trials. You cannot enter a trial until opening date. You may also pay for RV overnight parking at Freedom Park for the Camarillo trials. Scroll down & to the left and you'll recognize where to do that.

The fees for the trials listed below are based on 1st class at $22, and the rest of classes that day at $16

  • BCCC July 25-26, 2020 - Opens tbd

The following prices are based on 1st class at $22, 2nd thru 6th classes at $16. Processing fee is 6% and is automatically added to each class fee. If you decide to add a class or more after your original entry, go to the 'Extra Classes" drop down menu at the bottom of the page. Be sure this is done by the closing date and send an email to the Trial Secretary with what you want to update. Fees are PER DOG, per day. Please do not use 4 classes per day to try to pay for 2 dogs, 2 classes a day - you will be short entry fees and if the fees are not received by closing date, you may not get into the trial. Be sure to send in your entry form (email or USPS) so it is at the Trial Secretary's by closing date.

Send entry forms to:
Jean O'Niell,
626 S Tejon Ave, Pueblo West Co. 81007-6802

or email: jmo@earthlink.net

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