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Cara Callaway, the founder of Jump City Agility, began teaching agility in 1995 and has started hundreds of dogs and handlers in the sport. Many of her students are now competing at Novice through Masters level with great success, and many are Nationally ranked. (More)



Matt Palmieri - Matt got started in agility at age 17 when his parents got the “World’s Worst Lab Puppy”, Bailey.  Her out of control behavior needed an outlet, and agility was just perfect.  After several classes he was totally hooked, and is still involved in the sport, nearly 10 years later.  Bailey has gone on to become both a model citizen and excellent agility partner. She has surpassed all expectations, going on to compete successfully at the USDAA Nationals in 2009. Her transformation inspired much of Matt’s current training philosophy. Through her training Matt learned his most important lesson – Training has to be fun in order to be successful!(More)


Nadira Banik started training with her first agility dog, beloved Australian Shepherd, Malik, in 1995. After bringing him to competition level, she passed his handling on to her husband so he could be involved in the sport too. Nadira rescued her next three agility dogs, Shetland Sheepdogs Sunni-Girl, Ba Da Bing and Dale and has earned multiple MACH (Master Agility Champion) titles on all three with Ba Da Bing becoming one of the youngest dogs to earn the title at age two. (More)


Katie McGuire began training in Agility at 13 years old with her first dog, a mixed breed rescue named Joey. Due to health issues Joey was never able to compete, but they both enjoyed the training experience together, and Katie caught the "Agility bug"!  Heavily involved in canine rescue, Katie adopted a Border Collie, Opal, who she also trained in Agility, but was limited once again from being able to go on to competitions.

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